Monday, June 13, 2011

Long Lost Friend

It feels like I have not written to my long lost friend.  My blog is like a friend, at the end of the day, I write about the things that happened to me or the food I ate or cooked.

I have been to several restaurants recently but "nothing to write home about".  I believe in the doctrine: If you do not have anything good to say, then do not say anything at all.

I started eating healthy food today.    I was inspired by the article I read in yahoo, the woman lost 300 lbs. just by exercising and eating the right kind of food.  I plan to walk 2.5 km. tonight around the village.

My breakfast was not healthy though, Mayette's Adobo and fried rice, plus my mid morning snack of flaked adobo pan de sal with quickmelt cheese panini.  Ohhh boy it was so good, I had three! 

But I hope from here on end I will eat wisely.  Jing makes tuna sandwich for her husband almost every night. I also made  one just the way she taught me with sliced tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce.  It turned out really yum!

 I did not use to like tuna but now, I do not mind eating it.

Bad habits are really hard to break, but my drink complemented  the sandwich really well.  It is brewed coffee with ice cream!

I remember Marianne ordered an espresso with a little scoop of ice cream in Gelatissimo.  I used Arce Coffee Ice cream.


I did not add sugar nor cream anymore. 

I could drink several cups of this kind of coffee!!!

Just  little bit of ice cream though because I did not want my coffee to get cold.  I suppose a tablespoon of ice cream a day is not bad????  Or is it?  Once you try it you will not be able to resist a second cup.

I will just have salad later with fragrant pears, black grapes and blue cheese.  I hope I do not get hungry in the middle of the night!  Cross your fingers and wish me luck!


I did not survive.  I thought I can just eat salad for dinner but that was not the case.  I failed myself.  I got hungry and had a "Jollibee" breakfast for dinner.

It was the easiest thing to cook, I got the "Fat and Thin Breakfast Sausage" from the freezer.  It tastes exactly like the one the serve at Jollibee.    So now, I do not have to wake up early and go to Jollibee for their longanisa meal.

Which is best eaten dipped in Del Monte Red Cane Vinegar.

I have perfected my scrambled eggs already!  Jing told me the other day to add mayonnaise to the beaten egg.  One time, Mona and I were in Rustan's, Rockwell and they were giving out samples of scrambled eggs with mayo.  We both said to ourselves: EEEWWW  Gross!!!

But then Jing said adding mayo to the eggs will make the scrambled eggs so rich and creamy!!!  Yes! Yes! Yes!!!  It was exactly as she described it.  I just added about 1/8 t. of Maggi Magic Sarap and a dash of white pepper.

Hermie taught me how to cook scrambled eggs.  Add 1 t. oil or butter to a very hot frying pan.  Lower heat or turn off completely and slide in the beaten egg.  When slightly set, move around with a spatula.  Turn off heat in the last 10 seconds of cooking so it will not dry up.

Ahhhh ... there goes my good intention.  I really wanted to eat salad and walk tonight but my will power was not strong enough.  Will pray again for a stronger determination tomorrow.

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