Thursday, May 19, 2011

Intimate Wedding

I attended an intimate family wedding today, May 18.  Nolan (brother of Mayette) and Sol(bride) invited me.  I am so touched by the gesture, the wedding guests were just close family and friends.  The first time they invited me to their home years ago, I did not want to attend because I was "shy".  Mayette's family knows I love Lechon.  She asked me: Lia! Why are you "shy"???   I told Mayette, I'm shy because your family might think I'm "Matakaw".  Then she replied.... But ... they already know that a long time ago! So there is nothing to be shy about!  Hahahahaha  So.... ever since then, whenever an invitation was issued, more often than not, I would always attend.

The afternoon wedding was held at Sanctuario de San Jose in Greenhills.  The reception was at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, Santan Room.  I was so happy because there were 3 children at our table!  Meaning more food for us.  I think Mayette made sure that there were less adults  hehehe.

Set Menu for Nolan and Marisol Alonzo's Wedding Reception

One Whole Suckling Pig for every table.

The look of pure happiness.....

When the first course arrived, Mona swore that my eyes lit up! As though my Prince Charming has just entered the room!  hahaha

Whole Suckling Pig Served with Chinese Pancake

Fried King Prawns with Egg Yolk

Braised Superior Treasure Soup in Brown Sauce

Sauteed Minced Chicken Bedded on Lettuce

Sauteed Fresh Scallops with Broccoli Flower

Piglet Fried with Ginger and Spring Onions (2nd Way)

Steamed Cod Fish and Tofu in Minced Garlic Sauce

Fried Crab "Singapore Style"

Seafood Fried Rice

Chilled Mango Sago

Fresh Fruit Platter

Do you know that I was able to take pictures of the food because the waiter would always put the food in front of me first?!?!?!?  I wonder why????  Hahaha.

We were serenaded by a surprise guest.

Martin rendered 5 songs and I took a photo opportunity. Hehehe.

 The wedding favors were miniature paintings done by Nolan.   I won a chance (via raffle) to choose my own painting.

"Heavy Duty" by Nolan Alonzo

I had so much fun today!  Good thing I was wearing a shift dress!  More freedom to eat  hehehe but I did not over indulge.  I just feel so honored that Nolan and Sol invited me to share this special day with them.  Best Wishes to the newly weds!

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