Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Eater's Block"

There is such a thing as "writer's block"... it is when a writer stumbles on a blank wall in front of him and can not think of anything to write about.  Nothing inspires him .... I am now experiencing an "eater's block".  I never thought it would happen to me! 

I have been racking my brains all day .. thinking of any food that would make my heart beat a little faster... but.... ZILCH.... nothing. Lechon and sinigang do nothing for me at the moment. I have been calling my friends... asking them if they have a craving... just in case I get inspired.  Still not lucky.

I wonder why this is happening to me.  I'm all "pigged out"!  Hahahaha That is a new term... I can probably use it again.  Tita Portia invited me for lunch ... she said ... anywhere you want to go... but I declined the offer!  Something is seriously wrong with me.

I am probably so bored today.  Ate and her family did not eat lunch at my house. Gilly is attending a Master Chef Baking and Cooking Class at Crowne Plaza Hotel today and tomorrow.  I should probably look at my recipes books... I might find something that will jump start my heart.

Any suggestion????  Sorry... I am normally an upbeat and positive person.  This will pass ... before I know it, I will be whisking something in my kitchen pretty soon. Let me close my eyes now so I can imagine all those heart stopping ... artery clogging ... "killing me softly" menu.

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