Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cooking and Baking Lessons with Cousin

My cousin Maybelle who is based abroad visited me today and we had  cooking and baking lessons.  I woke up early to prepare the ingredients.  She arrived at 9:00 am and we started our activity.

The first lesson was Sans Rival.  Maybelle's favorite.

Oopppss  Sorry... looks a bit sloppy but I promise you, it didn't matter because it was YUM!


It was really quite easy to make as long as you have the right bake ware and mixer.  I used my very old but trusty Kitchen Aid.  Tita Letty, the mom of Mayette, taught me to use GLAD Bake paper instead of parchment or wax paper  because it is easier to peel off.  We finished the Sans Rival at 10:30 am and let it cool in the freezer, which is where you should store the sans rival, not in the fridge.

The next lesson was Paella.  Another easy dish to prepare.  I love cooking it when I have  guests because it really is so effortless to make and gives me time for myself to get ready for company.

We had our lunch at Tita Portia's house upstairs because it was really... super... extremely hot in my place.  I have airconditioning but not as cold in my Tita's house.

Hermie prepared the baked tahong.  It was a bit dark because the breadcrumbs I bought was Olsen, I should have gotten a lighter colored pack of breadcrumbs but it still tasted good.

I let them try my favorite salad which is just lettuce, red onions, red pepper, mango cubes and grilled shrimps.  I used Gourmet's Mango Vinaigrette for my dressing.

I hope Maybelle learned from our cooking and baking session today.  Until the next time you are in Manila, Cousin!!!  

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