Friday, May 27, 2011

Cafe Havana, Greenbelt

Tita Portia and I had lunch at Cafe Havana today.  We were supposed to eat the Stuffed Chicken in Lorenzo's way but she said we should check out Cafe Havana, last time she ate there, she liked the pork ribs with guava sauce.  When we got there, the main feature of the buffet was their version of Lechon.  We decided to give the buffet a try.

Lechon with Liver Sauce

Pork Country Ribs with Sweet Potato in Rhum

 Chicken Roll with Cheese and Chili

Lengua Sevilla

Poached Fish

Grilled Vegetables

Pasta dish

Salad bar

Bulalo Soup

Assorted dessert

Of course I got the Lechon.

The meat was very tender and white, my only problem was the skin was crunchy but very hard.  I was afraid I might break a tooth!  My Lechon Kawali's skin is crunchy and easy to bite because I make sure when I tenderize the pork, the skin is very soft before baking in the turbo broiler.

I like the sweet camote of the pork ribs!  I also liked the Bulalo soup.  I was like Gilly, I put  rice in my soup bowl.  I also had a second serving of the fried saba banana!  Hehehe Tita Portia said we should have just made sweet camote and fried banana at home.

We were looking at the other diners and they seemed quite contented and happy with their food.  They went back several times and their plates were piled high with food.  Sometimes, it is difficult when I know how to cook because when I dine out, more often than not, my own cooking taste better or rather I am just used to the taste of my own cooking.  Hehehehe  But I know my food is better! My friends said so.

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