Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beef Short Ribs and Pork Liempo Sinigang

I have been in Sinigang heaven these past few days.  Been eating it since Saturday!  And... I'm going to eat it again for lunch!  In case you do not know... I LOVE sinigang!

 After Lechon, of course.  It is quite ideal to eat lunch at Elar's along Quezon Avenue.  They have Lechon AND Beef and Pork Sinigang.  It was where I discovered that both meat in the soup made the humble sinigang taste even better.

Mariger taught me way back in college how to cook sinigang. The secret is the very ripe tomatoes!  About 6-8 pieces of them.  After boiling the meat, remove the broth, squeeze the ripe tomatoes in the pot and "saute".  When the tomatoes are soft, press with the back of the spoon, add the eggplant and radish slices.  Pour back the broth and use Knorr Sinigang with Gabi.  I don't like sitaw, so at the last minute of cooking, add the kang kong leaves, after EXACTLY one minute, turn off the heat and UNCOVER so the leaves will remain dark green.  Otherwise, it will turn into "fatigue colored" green.

Hahahaha  I just told my friend, Matess, I can make a dissertation on Sinigang.  She asked me if  pork and beef were combined, would the sinigang taste better???

I used to be contented with Pork Liempo Sinigang.  When the meat is really tender, the fat breaks into little pieces and the bits float on top.  My friends and I call it, Floating sinigang.

But add beef short ribs to the equation and we are talking about a different ball game.  Now,  aside from the floating bits... you will also see a layer of oil on top of the soup.  It is soooo bad and yet  sooooo good!  I will never be contented with just pork liempo sinigang anymore.

Let's not forget the dipping sauce!!!!  Patis, calamansi and the chili from the soup!!!  I learned this from Jopet, my HS classmate.

   Ohhh good thing I will be having Sinigang for lunch or else I will go crazy!  I could go on and on about my favorite comfort food.  But I have to restrain myself.  Hahahaha I'm sure not everybody would like to read about Sinigang.  You are reading this post, are you not? What does that make you?


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