Sunday, April 17, 2011

How do we love thee.....

My friends and I had a wonderful day at Mona's and Corry's house.  Delicious food, swimming, chismis and more food!  We probably gained 5 pounds today at the minimum.


"How do we love thee?"  Let me count the ways ........

We loved the Crispy Fried Hito!

So crunchy we even ate the fish bones and spine! Mona's contribution to the picnic.

We loved the Adobong Pusit!

I told Celina to buy 1 K. of squid only but she said it seemed too little after she had it cooked so she bought a box of Sapin-Sapin from Dolor's.

We loved the Bicol Express Jing and Sherman brought... super Spicy!!! And the coconut milk so creamy!

We loved the Baked Tahong  Hermie prepared!


I put it in Mona's oven when I got to her place.

We loved the Steamed Crabs Corry contributed!


The flesh was so sweet!

We loved the dipping sauce of Tita Cena....

Olive Oil
crushed garlic
crushed ginger

Saute in olive oil the garlic and the ginger.  When brown, remove from heat, transfer into  bowl.  Add vinegar and sugar to taste.

It was really so YUM!  So good!  Not just for the crabs but we used it for the shrimps and Hito also.

We loved the Indian mangoes ... freshly picked from Mona's tree.

We loved the Bagoong... Mariger asked ... who made this???  Hahaha we all said, Barrio Fiesta!

We loved the Butter Garlic Shrimps Mariger brought!

We all had several servings of rice! I couldn't believe I had 3!!!! 


My first serving of food ... I came back several times!

After lunch, we could barely stand up! So full! I think we have to go to confession and tell father we have committed the sin of gluttony!  We even opened a bag of Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar!

hahahaha I told them to enjoy it before the kids who were swimming discover the bag of chips!

Mona made this yummy dip she calls "echos" (eh -chos).


Several layers of cream cheese, salsa and grated cheese.

Today is the last day of "eating".  Tomorrow is the start of a healthier way of life.   Hahaha  Rewind the tape recorder... several months ago, I already announced it to the world.

What is nice about it now, is that my friends are going to join me!

Everybody is very supportive!  Even Sophie was cheering me on.  We were in Rustan's Rockwell tonight, I was looking for a box of healthy cereal when she said, I just saw a slim and sexy woman who looks like a model put a box of cereal in her cart!!!  I asked her to look at the lady's cart for the brand... Nestle Fitness ... so I put a box in my cart too :)) 

My friends and I have agreed that when we are alone or at home, we should follow a diet but when we are together .... NO diet!   Hahahaha   I hope I see my friends often!

It was an enjoyable day.  Thank you, God for my friends and scrumptious food!

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