Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Ompy and Welcome Home Tale!

My friends and I celebrated two very special occasions today, the birthday of Mariger but I call her Ompy  it's my special pet name for her and the Bienvenida for Celine or a.k.a. Tale... another pet name.  My friends also gave me my own special name ... aside from having very dirty minds.... hahaha... my friends also are very lazy.  They shortened my name from Lia to Li!

We decided to do a pot luck.

I cooked Lechon Kawali.

They said it was very good.  I discovered that if you tenderize the pork really well ... you get paper thin  and very crisp skin.  I actually forgot the "liempo" in the pressure cooker for an hour and a half yesterday while I was "FB'ing".

I saved the broth yesterday and the oil drippings of the lechon kawali this morning and used it for the Pancit Canton.

It was a bit salty because I forgot to dilute the pork broth with water.

Green mangoes and bagoong guisado are the favorite of Jon.

Jing and Sherman cooked Sinigang na Hipon.

Celina brought Garilao's Chocolate Cake.

Corry brought Buko Pandan.

Mona bought from Rustan's Rockwell the soda, ice, sugar cones and the new Selecta Hershey's Reese's Ice cream.

Mariger bought the roast chicken from Rustan's and the Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds ice cream.

Mayette and Jon came from Punta Fuego and brought Buko pie and Macapuno Tarts.

It was a wonderful get together.  For the first time in two years, Mawi and Tale were able to join us.  They used to be based in  the UK and Canada.

I am also glad we were able to celebrate  Mariger's 40th birthday.

Welcome home, Celine!   Happy Birthday Mariger!


  1. At kailan pa naging Mawi si Jing? Huli ako sa balita! :-( pls share the origin of Mawi. :-)

    Ang saya naman ng get together niyo, kakainggit!

    Happy Birthday Mariger!

  2. BAM! College days pa! Since Ompy and Tale have their pet names, hers became Mawi ... from Ma. Wilhelmina!! I think she used to call me baba boo??? LOL But I don't want to be called that name anymore!!!