Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dinnerssss with Mimi

Mimi is Tita Portia's friend but she is sharing her with me.  She lives in Vancouver, Canada and visits her parents here as often as she could.  We went out yesterday... did a little shopping and had dinner at Felix in Greenbelt 5.  It was Tita Portia who invited us to dinner but the Auntie Cora of Mimi, who is also a friend of Tita Portia insisted it was her treat.

Felix, Greenbelt 5

Mimi and I shared an order of ...

Figs, Walnuts and Blue Cheese Salad

Truffle Cream Pasta with Crunchy Parma Ham - Loved the crunchy Parma ham!  It was like bacon but without the fat!

Tita Portia had the Sea Bass with Fried Potato Ribbons ( I do not know what the dish is called  hahaha I just made it up)


Auntie Cora of Mimi had the Pork Baby Back Ribs.

We all shared a bottle of sweet French wine and a slice of Macadamia Sans Rival.


Tonight, Tita Portia and I invited Mimi, Auntie Cora and cousin Sammy for dinner.

Tita Portia made the salad with lots of fruits... mangoes, chico and marang.  It also had cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper and kani sticks with Mango vinaigrette.

Hermie made the Baked Mussels.  My helpers are lucky because they learn to cook different kinds of food.

I cooked my Simple Paella

and Lechon kawali.

Our guests brought dessert and wine.

It was such a fun evening!   We talked about our upcoming trip to Boracay next week ... well ... our food itinerary.  As usual .... 3 days are not enough to eat your way around the island.

Auntie Cora of Mimi was so sweet!  She gave me a beach bag and a bottle of sunblock!


I really love the beach bag because it is waterproof inside and out  with a secret pocket for the camera or coin purse!

Can't wait to go back to my happy place!  I hope Mimi and Sammy will enjoy MY (yes, I consider it mine  hahaha) island as  much as I do.

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