Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Picnic Party with friends

My friends and I celebrated Valentines Day early.  We had a swimming party/ picnic at Mona's house in Alabang.  We have been planning this event for weeks!  Well... when I say plan ... we have been talking about what food we are going to prepare.

Mona cooked a 9 layer meat lasagna made with fresh noodles.  This is Mona's business, you can order from her in advance.  Really YUM!  Everybody liked it.

Corry, Mona's sister, contributed the White Mountain cake from Becky's Kitchen and the callos.

Tita Cena  cooked the callos.  So rich and thick! We heaped  spoonfuls on top of the crunchy sliced baguette.

Jing brought the fried chicken wings.  Also a winner!

Mayette brought the Tacos and her Mom, Tita Letty, brought Chicken Pastel and miniature crunchy fried wanton.

My contributions were the Chocolate chip cookies... they were gone in a flash and the pork barbeque.

Mariger had 3 boxes of pizza delivered.

Everybody was assigned to bring assorted chips to munch on. So it was a "pool" of junk food!


I was reading Yahoo this morning and according to the survey, the top Potato chips in the USA is ZAPP'S.  Good thing I was able to buy in Cash and Carry today.

Nolan (Mayette's brother) and Sol brought the Tostitos and Ruffles Sour Cream and onion.

Mayette brought my favorite snack.  You can't find it in the supermarkets.  Before, I used to go all the way to Sto. Cristo in Divisoria just to buy Jaki Tyan!!!  It is a cheap kind of  local cheese curls but sooooooo yum! And high in vetsin and with extremely  high food coloring content.  It would take a few washings to remove the stain from your fingers.  But oh so worth it!

We all enjoyed ourselves so much!  Lots and lots and lots of food!  I even had to swim just to make myself hungry again and go for round 2!  I hope we can do this again.  Can't wait for the next event!

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