Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lunch with My Most Favorite People in the Entire World!

Today, I had lunch with my most favorite people in the entire world!  Celine is the only one missing, she is in Vancouver.  I did not have plans of having friends over for lunch.  It was just supposed to be Mona and I only.  I already asked Hermie to defrost the bacon cut pork belly for the two of us.

Then... Mariger called, said she is going to Makati and asked if she could join us for lunch.  I said, Yes! Great!.  I had to go to Poblacion Market to buy the fresh alamang for my Bicol Express.  I have a "suki" there and her alamang is not too salty and is light pink in color. The Bicol Express is for tomorrow's lunch but I cooked it today... let my friends taste some.

I figured, I would buy fish and cook sinigang to add to our Homemade Bacon Crisps. I was able to get Maya Maya belly... one of my Mom's favorite fish.  Mona asked what kind of fish it was because she said "It melts in the mouth!"  I followed the Fish Sinigang sa Miso recipe in my blog. 

I know my food was not a lot but I invited Jing and Sherman to join us also!  Good thing I did!  After Jing took her first bite of the Homemade Bacon Crisps.... she couldn't stop at one piece!

I told her she can buy bacon slice pork belly from Cash and Carry, sprinkle it with rock salt, dredge in cornstarch and deep fry the pieces!

We also ate Green Mangoes with Bagoong... the mango was a bit tart but they loved the Bagoong.  I can only buy it in Seaside Macapagal and the brand is PIYESTA.

Mariger bought Coke for everybody and for dessert ... Jing bought from Cake Ave. Chocolate Cake roll.

My lunches don't come free .. usually come with a "price tag".  So after we all had our lunch ... and so full already... it was time to pay up!!!  Hahahaha  I told them I have to "model" my Bikini and they will have to let me know what they think.  They helped me decide which one I can wear to Boracay next week with out a cover up and which one I SHOULD wear with a cover up!

So glad I was with my dearest friends today.... we just shared a simple meal but the happiness factor was sky high for me.  We do not need a feast to enjoy ourselves ... what matters most is to be with people you love.

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