Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everybody's Favorite "Lunch"

It is Saturday again .... what does it mean???  Most people who read this blog will know .... my family eats lunch  in my house. 

Tita Portia was very ecstatic because of the thick layer of  fat attached to the skin of the Lechon Kawali . 

My Kuya was not because he eats healthy food.  I saw him scrape off the fat from the crunchy skin! Sacrilegious!!!

My "family" (blood relatives) i.e. Tita Portia, Kuya and Ate  loved the Sinigang na Kanduli sa Miso!

I went to Salcedo Market this morning to buy 4 pieces... really fresh and the meat of the fish was golden yellow in color, not pale and tasteless.  With accompanying kalamansi and bagoong isda as dipping sauce.

Gilly ate almost half a platter of the Meatless Pancit Canton.

It may be meatless but don't be deceived.  I waited for the Turbo Lechon Kawali to be cooked because I used the oil drippings to saute the pancit!!!  Not to mention the liquid in which the liempo was tenderized.

My brother in law said it was "shining" in oil... then I confessed after he ate the pancit that I used the lechon drippings!  Most people are afraid to eat my "Pancit" because I have this very bad habit of using pork lard in sauteing!

One of the secrets of cooking good Pancit Canton is to get a  good kind of noodles.  I used the one from Ling Nam Noodle Factory in T. Alonzo St., Binondo. 

Since I'm still in my "Bistek" mode,

I bought Sirloin from Rustan's after going to Salcedo market.  I just marinated in 1/4 C. soy sauce and 1 T. kalamansi juice.  I followed the instructions in the recipes I browsed in the internet.  But I used pressure cooker for 20 minutes.  I served it for lunch but my family was afraid to try hahaha... I just kept it in the fridge for another meal, will saute onions in butter before I add the Bistek.  Hmmm Maybe will eat it tomorrow.

Our lunch menu was just simple but my  family enjoyed the food I prepared....  it was everybody's favorite!

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