Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy Chinese New Year!  I'm not a Chinese, I just like to find a reason to celebrate... and Tita Portia too!  A month ago, I reserved at Peking Garden  in Greenbelt 5.  We wanted to eat on the eve but they were booked already, so the next best slot was tonight.  I think the restaurant set up a small table just for us because all the tables were big...for families.  Well... even if it was just a small table for two, it was filled with  food for more than two!

We had a whole Peking Duck served Two Ways

First way .... sliced meat

Crunchy Skin

Carved by the Peking Duck Master

with leeks and cucumber

a dollop of Hoisin sauce


Voila!  A perfect ensemble!

Second way ... minced duck meat with chopped water chesnuts

lettuce leaves

then eat it like a taco...

Sauteed Shanghai Shrimps. 

I remember my friend Bibo telling us about the way shrimps are preapared in Chinese restaurants ... it still did not put me off.  I love Chinese food, whether be it from hotel , a good restaurant or hole in the wall.

We had ice cream at Cafe Ti Amo, Greenbelt 5 for dessert.   Tita Portia had the Blueberry and Milk Cheese

while I had the Dark Chocolate and Orange.

Tita Portia and I also celebrated New Year's lunch at Mogu, Serendra.  But we were not together.  She went with her friend and I went by myself at a later time.

My favorite sashimi is uni.  Loved the clean taste of the sea urchin.

Of course, I'm still obsessed with Ebi Tempura,

I ordered 3 pieces but as soon as I took my first bite, I called the waiter and ordered an additional 2 pieces. 

Crunchy and light and super long too!  I think it was 7 inches long, plus the sauce had tons of grated radish with ginger... just the way I like my sauce.

I can safely say that all year long I will not go hungry!  Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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