Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wee Nam Kee, Chicken Bon Chon and Chef Laudico's Breakfast All Day - Ayala Triangle

Tita Portia invited me for dinner.  We went to Ayala Triangle early, around 5:00 pm because the restaurants get full and you have to wait to be seated.

We had an early dinner at Wee Nam Kee. 

It's a franchise from Singapore.  Their specialty is Hainanese Chicken.

 It was good and the personal size was just enough for one person or can be shared if ordering other dishes.  I had my own, of course and Tita Portia ordered her own personal set with rice and soup. 

You can get as much condiments as you like, dark soy sauce, ginger and chili sauce. 

The Sambal Kangkong was really good!  I have to research how to cook it.

The cereal prawns were just all right.  Mayette can dish up a better version.

We wanted to order more food but we already planned on eating at Chicken Bon Chon and have our dessert at Chef Laudico's Breakfast All Day.

I love Chicken Bon Chon!  I have eaten there 3 times already in a week!  I prefer the Soy Garlic chicken over the Hot and spicy. 

Soy Garlic

Hot and Spicy

For our dessert at Chef Laudico's, we had the Pavlova and White Chocolate Cheesecake.  I just had a few bites because I'm not allowed too much sweets.

 There are still other restaurants we will try next time.


  1. Lia, I can't wait to go back home just so we can go on a food journey together!