Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sizzling Noodles with Pork and Prawns at President Grand Palace

My most favorite Chinese noodles in Manila is Sizzling Noodles with Pork and Prawns at the President Grand Palace, Ongpin St., Manila.  I could finish a whole order by myself!  The noddles were fried and shaped like a basket then served on a sizzling plate, slathered in thick sauce with pork and prawns!  Promise!  I really, realy love this "Pancit".

Jing and Sherman treated Mariger, Mona and I for lunch.  Jing wanted her husband to taste the noodles which we ate a couple of years ago before they left for the UK.  

We also ordered the Spicy Fried Squid (very tender even if it was deep fried).

Yang Chow Fried Rice

and.... Roasted Chicken (which tasted like deep fried chicken but without the grease).

I can't wait to go back and eat the noodles again!