Sunday, December 19, 2010

My diet is officially on vacation.

I really had very good intentions .... I even made a plan... even had the dietician make a plan ... but it is December!  I couldn't resist the temptations and invitations! 

A little piggy went to my house today. 

We celebrated Ate's birthday and ordered Lechon de Leche.  I had to pester the dispatcher of Ping Ping, his name is Bong.  I even used the name of Tita Letty Alonzo, just so he will choose a FAT piglet for me.  We were not disappointed.  Even if it was small, just enough for my family of 6 adults and 1 child - Sophie (Gilly only likes Nilagang Baka), the piggy's skin was very crunchy and had the pre-requisite layer of fat on the nape for Tita Portia.

I only had 1 plateful of Lechon, was not able to finish it because I got dizzy midway!  Had to drink Jasmine/Chamomile/Green tea infusion, Butch said it would help with the dizziness .... after a few sips, it worked!!!  Was back in business in no time at all.

Tita Portia said she could "out Lechon" us younger generation because she felt very fine after consuming the whole nape part.

Butch was so happy because he was able to enjoy the "pigue" (rump).  hahaha "Walang kaagaw!" 

I only like the skin and the ribs. 

Ate was very glad also because she had 2 platefuls of Lechon!  She said whenever there is a party in her house, by the time she gets, there is no more skin.  hahaha She is not like me, even if I'm the host, I still get the parts I like.

 I  wanted to surprise Ate... I got a tip that the Chicharon Bulaklak from Leonardo's is literally to die for!  But I don't want my Ate to die yet so I didn't buy.  Hmmm maybe for New Year's eve?  They say that you will forget your name once you have tasted it.

I know my Kuya Raul and nephew, Nicky, went back several times.  We never chop our Lechon, we only get what we like armed with a pair of scissors, fork, tong and cleaver.

Even Wriggly had a big square of very crunchy skin!  I gave the maids a plateful with lots of skin and sauce.  They didn't finish and was saving the rest for later... my little Wriggly knows how to get inside the maid's kitchen and he jumped on the table (Sorry .. he really has bad manners but I love him so much.) and stole the BIG crunchy skin! hahaha Afterwards... he could not stop licking his lips.  Then I saw him asleep on his sofa the whole afternoon.

So.... how can I ever lose weight????  :(  I will make it up this January.  Hmmmm I think I say that every end of the year?  

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