Monday, November 15, 2010

New Diet - day 4

Did I survive day 4?  I think I did.  I made some good choices and the cheat factor is way below. 

I've had too much protein for lunch so for dinner it was just Salad made with Sweet Butter lettuce with sliced bananas and pomelo segments.

 I had my first bite and it tasted .... BLAHHH... so boring... no dressing.  I thought of adding a slice of Vintage cheese and the taste improved a lot! 

One lettuce leaf, a slice of banana, shredded pomelo and a pinch of cheese, then I rolled it up and ate in one swoop.  So Much Better!!!

My lunch was pan fried daing na bangus and Shrimps with Tokwa, Kinchay and Tausi.

 I did not cook my lunch, Hermie did, because I just came from the park, watched the Pacquiao match with Mayette, Jon and Mon.

My breakfast was not so great, probably because the chicken ham was so bland.  It was supposed to be an "omelette" but cooking eggs is not one of my greatest skills...  so it became "scrambled". 

I bought the Omega - 3 enriched eggs from Landmark with lots of "added" vitamins and minerals.

Mona slept over tonight, around midnight we got a "little" hungry.  She had chips for snacks and I had a slice of chicken ham and 1 triangle of Laughing Cow cream cheese.  Not really that good but it was good enough to appease my hunger pangs or craving for a midnight snack.

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