Sunday, November 14, 2010

"NEW" diet - day 3

Yes! It's working!  I was so surprised when I took my blood sugar test this morning it was only 139!!!  It has always been high for the past 3 years, 324 just 3 months ago.  So... yes, I could say it is working.  I know this won't be  a complete lifestyle change but I am glad I am doing something that has positive results.

Mona and Corry were my guests tonight, they were inviting me to have dinner in Rockwell but told them we will just eat at home.  Since I'm on a "diet" I just prepared Nilagang Baka with lots of vegetables...

Pechay, beans, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, corn and sweet potatoes.  I only had the broth and a plateful of vegetables... I didn't eat the meat.

We also had grilled bangus.  I never did like grilled bangus  with onions and tomatoes inside the stomach cavity.  I prefer grilling the fish open faced (daing style) with just rock salt and black pepper.  I saw this in Boracay last time I was there.  My guests loved it!  The meat was fresh and moist but a bit crunchy on the outside... looked like it was deep fried but it was grilled.

I added more "colors" to my breakfast this morning.  Instead of plain scrambled eggs, I asked Hermie to prepare it with garlic, onions and peppers.  She forgot to put tomatoes.  And I ate the last of the bananas I bought the other day.

It is another challenge for me to think of different ways of preparing vegetables, chicken breast, fish and shell fish.  I hope I don't run out of ideas.  I also hope I can sustain good and healthy eating habits until my blood sugar level has normalized.

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