Thursday, November 11, 2010

My "NEW" diet.

I'm always ready to try anything just to lower my blood sugar.  I was surfing the net and found a website about reversing diabetes through diet.  Seems easy so I followed it today.  The website said, about 8 oz. (224 grams) of skinless breast or fish or shellfish and 3 cups vegetables per meal i.e. lunch and dinner.

Sweet camote is good for diabetes... but you have to eat it with a little fat for it to work!  It is considered vegetables and not classifed under starches such as white potato, rice or bread.  I made mashed sweet potato with a "pat" of butter and about a teaspoon of low fat milk to moisten.

Finally, I found a brand of butter I really like,  President, salted.  But I am not eating bread at the moment :(

I had the skinless chicken breast marinated together with the pork barbecue over night then had it grilled for lunch.

Boiled the sliced carrots in water with a little Magic Sarap.  Too salty because I added 1/2 t.  Next time will only add 1/4 t.  Then when the carrots were half done, I added the broccoli florets.  I know the author of the diet didn't mean for me to add a pat of butter to the veggies but I did.

It took me an hour to finish my lunch!!!  It wasn't bad but it also wasn't sinigang na baboy with rice!!!

The trainer at the gym told me I should just eat the salad greens without the dressing .... so that was what I  did tonight.

Then pan-fried in very little oil 2 pieces of small sized Sole.  I saw in the vegetables section of Rustan's oyster mushroom, so I got a pack, rinsed it and sauteed with little oil and butter with chopped garlic and 1 t. Kikkoman soy sauce.

I survived the day without eating bread or rice!!!  But I am cheating as I'm writing this post.  I'm eating cheese flavored clover chips :(

I hope when I wake up my blood sugar will be lower than today's.

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