Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mayette's Favorite Combination

Mayette loves to eat good food, she can even make simple dishes in combination taste really delicious.  Of course, her adobo is simply one of the best recipes I have ever tried.   Usually, after I eat it the first time, I shred  the meat and keep in the fridge with its own oil like a confit

I went to Baclaran today and was able to buy fresh Suahe.  I ate it for lunch together with Adobo Flakes Brown Rice sinangag, tomatoes and wansuy!  For Mayette and I, the best picnic Filipino food would be .....

Pork and Chicken Adobo, Hilabos na Suahe, tomatoes and wansuy!!! 

 I only eat brown rice but if I could eat it, the picnic food is better with freshly cooked sticky white rice and we would be in heaven!!!  Then ... drizzle the oil/sauce of Mayette's Adobo's over the rice( "Labay  Mantika").

It is really so simple but something I can eat over and over again.  I haven't had Coke Light since September 27... but this food combo goes well with ice cold soda!!!! 


  1. HI Lia,

    Is wansuy, cilantro? It looks like cilantro to me and it's the first time I've heard of wansuy. If it is, then that's really good esp if you make a salsa by mixing the tomatoes, cilantro and some red onions.

    Oh I miss hipon suahe! I can almost taste the sweetness just looking at your picture. I bet it goes well with the adobo fried rice. I'm just not too fond of the thought of drizzling the oil into the food. :-)

  2. Hi "BAM" Yes, wansuy is cilantro! Yup super tamis ng suahe... hahaha... sarap talaga if you drizzle the "transfat" sa rice!