Friday, September 24, 2010

Yesterday was awful -Lili good!

Yesterday was the monthly lunch with the friends of my Mom and Tita Portia at Lili, Hyatt Hotel in Manila. We had the Dimsum Buffet. The wonderful thing about it, the food was prepared as we ordered. It wasn't sitting on steamers all day long.

I did not eat a lot because I was on a "diet". The food was "awfully" good! I ate mostly steamed food and just 1 piece of the deep fried taro puff. The seniors ate more than what I ordered.

We were given a piece of paper and we wrote down how many pieces we liked, e.g.

  • Siomai

  • Hakaw

  • Xiao Long Pao

  • Baked Barbecue Puff Pastry

  • Steamed Barbecue Buns

  • Masachi

  • Custard Buns

  • Soya fried noodles

  • chicken feet

  • radish cake

  • spareribs
  • congee

  • spring rolls
The list went on and on ....

I think they have the best Barbecue Puff Pastry. I really wanted to eat a lot but I was controlling myself. I could easily wolf down about 1 dozen. They were really small, about 3 inches only in length and the pastry was very flaky!!! Hehehe silly rhyme.

I also ordered Shrimp Siomai and Xiao Long Pao.


Steamed Barbecue Bun (siopao)

Deep Fried Taro puff - 1 piece only for me.

Custard Bun for dessert but only had 1 piece.

Masachi - It was filled with white chocolate and rolled in nuts. I think I had 2.

When the food arrived, we were so excited because all of us couldn't remember what we checked in the list... so it was a free for all thing and wasn't able to take pictures. The Honey Roast Pork was delicious. I also ordered congee with shredded dried fish. I also tried the soya fried noodles and 1 piece of chicken feet.

We started at noon and ended at 3:00 p.m. We enjoyed each other's company. Lots of stories and "chismis". I'm looking forward to our next luncheon which is on Oct 18 at Peking Garden in Greenbelt 5.

This is the awful part of my story .... after our luncheon, Tita Portia and I went to Cash and Carry because I was looking for my laundry soap, Cycles. I was able to buy one pack.

While waiting for my Tita .... I ate.... 1 Jollibee Yumburger with cheese... Corn dog from the hotdog stand. It was really so yum! Not like the corn dog I bought today, they just used the hotcake mix, it was yuck. Ohhh and I also had Spaghetti with meat sauce at Pancake house.

I felt "awful" after eating all those junk, sometimes, I don't understand why I do that to myself. I didn't even enjoy what I was eating except for the corndog.

I hope and pray for more control next time.

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