Sunday, September 5, 2010

Very quick trip to Masuki

I made a very quick trip to Masuki in Ortigas Ave. I left at 4:00 p.m. and was back home by 5:00 pm. It was my Kuya's fault. He put the idea into my head about the siopao and mami from Ma Mon Luk.

I love their siomai! I could eat all of these! Unfortunately, these aren't mine. Bought them for Tita Portia. I already ate mine at the resto.

Beef Asado Chicken Mami - Kuya's order.

Asado Siopao - YUMMMMM!!! I also ate mine at the resto.

You just can't eat the siopao, siomai and mami without the sweet brown sauce.

Hmmmmm I wonder what is my schedule tomorrow? I hope I can find time to go to Greenhills ... kill two birds with one stone .. satisfy my siomai and siopao craving and do an errand for Jing.

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