Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Emperor - Mall of Asia

I had lunch at the Emperor in Mall of Asia today with Ate. She asked me what I wanted to order and I told her I like the Suckling Pig BBQ combination. I love pig better than duck. I always have to order suckling pig when I see it in the menu. I love eating it with Yang Chow fried rice but I am watching my rice intake so I ordered Birthday noodles instead. I never realized my Ate doesn't like "pancit". I told her next time we will order rice.... but white instead of fried, so less calories.

When our BBQ platter arrived, Ate said, "Hating Kapatid!" We even asked for our own dipping sauces... hahahahaha ... It brought back a funny memory ... when my Mom and I would eat and spilt the food, I would always say, "Ma, Hating kapatid!" hahahaha sorry my laughter preceeded my story.... Then Mom would reply, "Hindi tayo magkapatid, ha!!!"

Suckling Pig BBQ platter - I really loved the skin! It was so crisp! And the meat near the ribs was so tasty! The pig was really small because the ribs were as thin as toothpicks! If only my cholesterol level will not shoot up, I would like to order just the Suckling Pig and not with the Roasted Duck, Pork Asado, Soy Chicken and Jelly fish.

Oh! Even the restaurant recognizes the place of distinction of the pig! Center stage!

The Birthday noodles were just all right for me. Nothing to rave about but it wasn't bad also. I only like the noodles when I order "pancit" and not the meat except for my favorite noodle dish of all time at the President Grand Palace in Ongpin St., Sizzling Fried Noodles with Pork And Shrimps. I can easily eat one order all by myself.

Dipping sauces - hoisin for the pig, plum sauce for the duck and the ginger and scallion for the soy chicken.

At least we were happy with our BBQ combination platter.

YUMMMM ... this little piggy went to market ... this little piggy stayed home ... this little piggy ..... hahahahaha well this little piggy got a little bit fatter today.

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