Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last "Hurrah" Birthmonth TreatSSS

Today officially marks the end of my Birthday month! Oh what a wonderful month it was! Sooo bountiful!!! Hahaha I became "bountiful" also. I always gain weight every August. Sighs.... it is a reality but I wouldn't change anything in the world.

Corry, the sister of Mona, was the first to treat me this August and she promised to treat me again before the end of the month. Same place ... at Whistle Stop in Jupiter. Mona and Tita Cena joined us.

For the senior citizen we ordered Arroz Caldo. I love arroz caldo! Hahaha I think I love all the food ... but I really am a fan of arroz caldo even if I'm not sick. We tasted a little from Tita Cena's order. It was still bubbling when it was brought to our table.

The Tokwa't Baboy was ok, also. HUGE chunks of airy light fried tokwa.

I ordered the Nachos because it was one of the new ones in the menu. Spicy! I liked the pickled jalapeno.

Of course, what is a Birthday without the pre-requisite Long Life Noodles!

We also had the Boneless Buffalo Wings.

It is comforting to know they are open 24 hours and just a short drive away from me!!!!

Thank you, Corry! Will continue to pray !!!!

And today .... August 31 ..... still another one! Ate treated for lunch and Tita Portia for dessert.

We ate at Gloria Maris Greenbelt.

Lechon Macau, we asked for plum sauce instead of the vinegar dip they served us.

Rich man's fried rice - had a light sauce on top.

Crispy Fried Noodles with Seafood

Fried Prawn with red egg yolk

We had dessert at Bizu.

Blueberry Cheesecake - my Ate loves cheesecake. Good thing I don't like pastries that much. My weaknesses are ice cream and chocolate bars.

Amour - chocolate cake soaked in liquor, probably orange?, then layered with mouse, wrapped around with white chocolate and topped with dark chocolate ribbons.

I am very grateful I have such very nice friends and a wonderful family. I don't need much in the world but I need them.

Thank you, God for all the blessings I have received this month.

Happy Birthday to me everyday of August!!!

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