Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hong Kong Chef Seafood Restaurant

Another Birthday treat for me? Nope, it was just a regular Sunday lunch treat of Tita Portia. I told her I read in Lori's blog, DCF, that she ate at Hong Kong Chef Seafood Restaurant along Macapagal Ave. across the seaside market. I don't have a hard time driving on Sundays so we were able to go little "farther" from Makati today.

We ordered the Broccoli with Shrimps and Scallops. I liked it because the scallops were as big as a 5 peso coin!

The Deep Fried Shrimp Balls tasted good also. Instead of being coated by cubed bread, noodles were used. JUMBO balls.

The Yang Chow Fried Rice was a meal in itself, lots of shrimps, vegetable and pork asado bits.

I ordered the Deep Fried Taro Puff because Lori said it was good. BIG, crunchy and has a pork asado filling.

We couldn't order a lot because we were only two. We had to take home the rest of the rice, Taro puffs and Shrimp balls. The servings were huge, probably good for four or eight if there are a lot of food ordered. I want to go back for their suckling pig and noodles. I want to go already this week!!!! Who wants to come with me??????

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