Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthweek lunch with the Seniors

Hahaha When will it ever end? Probably, by the time it's my birthday, I'm not excited anymore. But I know I will be excited because I'm going to Boracay on Friday! I will spend my "actual" birthday, the 28th, there.

I invited the friends of my Mom, Tita Mita Ampil and Tita Butchie Ayuyao, today for lunch at Tita Portia's house.

They loved the "punch" I made and asked me what I used. I mixed equal parts of 7-up and Del Monte Four Seasons, then added slices of orange and lemon.

I also served my Easy Paella.

Ceasar Salad with home made dressing - just a small amount because I am not fond of salad greens.

Baked Tahong - our favorite

Lengua with Mushroom Sauce

Chocolate cream cup for dessert.

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