Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Favorite Beef Tapa

After trying several kinds of Beef Tapa, I can now say I have a favorite. I like it garlicky and a bit salty.. not too sweet. It is from Mrs. Garcia's, Metro Supermarket in Market!Market! It is just the plain Beef Tapa, don't make the mistake of buying the Lucban Beef Tapa, that is different. The only kind I haven't tried yet is the one from San Andres Market. There is someone who volunteered to buy for me.

My favorite is a bit tough though if you don't pound with a meat tenderizer. There are two ways to make tough tapa tender.

  • The first way is to pound with a meat mallet before frying over low heat then increasing the heat to make it crisp.

  • The second way is to half fry the meat, then pound with the meat mallet, then put it back into the frying pan.

I also love eating it together with garlic rice fried in the same pan and cooking oil until it turns a nice golden brown.

OHHHH! And by the way???? I already know how to cook fried egg!!!!

Using a non stick frying pan over low heat with 1 T. oil, break an egg gently into the pan. Wait PATIENTLY until the egg white has solidified, add a pinch of rock salt and turn over the egg. Flip over with a spatula and put on a plate.

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