Friday, July 30, 2010

Lunch at Chesa Bianca - Swiss Restaurant.

Time flies so fast. It has been a month since I had lunch with the friends of my Mom. We meet once a month together with Tita Portia. They always ask us where to eat because they know, we would know.

Tita Portia and I recommended that we try Chesa Bianca. It used to be Bianca's Vinotek, then they remodeled and renamed.

The favorite of Tita Portia was the Veal Liver - Sauteed calf's liver in onion, butter and parsley served with crisp roesti.

It was also Tita Butchie's favorite, so they ordered the same thing. Surprisingly, it was delicious. My Tita finished her order! I tried a little and it was good, the liver was tender and didn't taste bad at all!!! I have never been a liver fan but I don't mind ordering my own next time. I loved the crisp roesti. I think it's made with grated potatoes and onions, formed into a patty then fried until crisp. Hahaha to explain in a more pedestrian manner.... It was like Mc Donald's hash brown!!! Hehehe.

Tita Josie ordered Sliced Veal Zurich Style - Sliced veal in a mushroom cream sauce served with Swiss roesti potatoes.

I also tried a bit and again ... it didn't disappoint me! If I only knew..... I was afraid to try the Swiss dishes, I should have... but will ... next time.

I remembered the best pizza I had was at Cave Wendenberg, beside Santi's Yakal, since the owner of Bianca's was the same, I asked if I could order their pizza, but the waiter said I can but at Carpaccio, their Italian Restaurant. I had the Pizza with Italian Sausage. I liked the crust because it was very light and thin, easy to finish a whole pizza all by myself. I saved the edges for Wriggly. But the pizza wasn't as cheesy and "stringy" as the one I ate at Cave's.

Tita Mita changed her order and also got the Pizza with mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and Parma ham.

We were all so full after we couldn't even order dessert. I wouldn't mind eating again at Chesa Bianca and won't be afraid to order their other Swiss Main Courses. The seniors got a huge discount! Can't wait to be a Senior citizen!!!!

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