Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dinner Buffet at Marriot Hotel

Mona and I had a wonderful evening at Marriot Hotel in Newport City. That is the new development across NAIA 3. We toured the whole complex ... Resortworlds, Maxim's and Marriot.

We were early for the Dinner Buffet so I had time to take pictures before it opened at 6 pm. There were several stations.

Chinese/Noodle Station - This is the first station I went to when the buffet opened and got Roast duck, pan fried shirmps, siomai, hakaw, century eggs, jellyfish, chicken feet, spareribs and noodles with shrimps and vegetables in Laksa soup.

Japanese Station - My 2nd stop, had 3 slices of Tuna Sashimi, 3 pieces of Ebi Tempura, 1 piece of fish tempura and a bowl of Miso soup.

Cold Appetizer Station - I only got the Shrimps with the cocktail sauce.

Roast Beef Station - I had a thin slice and had it seared, I don't like my meat bloody and I drizzled a little bit of peppercorn sauce on the beef.

Pizza/Pasta Station - Tried 1 slice of pizza and a little serving of spaghetti with Bolognese sauce. My least favorite station. I guess it shows in the way I took a photo of it.

Salad/Cold cuts/Bread/Cheese/Dried Fruits/Nuts Station - Got a small segment of Brie Cheese, candied fruit, walnuts, 1 piece of marinated olive (YUM) and a lettuce leaf with Caesar salad dressing.

Indian Station - I ate several pieces of Papadum with the sauce of Chicken Masala as a dip! I really, really loved it, went back several times.

Dessert/Fruit Station - The fruits were sweet and beautifully arranged, ate the watermelon, papaya, orange segments and pineapple. I also tried the Strawberry Panna Cotta (too sweet for me) and Caramel flan which was creamy but not "yolky" enough for me.

Ice Cream Station - I loved this station the best because they made their own ice cream! I tried most of the flavors but only in small amounts. Imagine golf ball sized scoops of mango, strawberry, pandan, smores, white mocha ice cream and dalandan sorbet. Thumbs up for their homemade ice cream! I wish I could eat more but I am not even allowed a scoop. I just gave myself permission. Hehehehe.

What I love about buffets is that I don't need to gorge myself with everything I see, but just to try in small amounts and get to experience the different kinds of food. I was very satisfied tonight because I didn't feel like I was going to explode. I started at 6 pm and ended at 9 pm with a pot of Green Tea.

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