Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tempura Craving

I like prawns tempura, I always eat it at least 2-3 times a month. Sometimes in the restaurants or sometimes I make my own. After having my roots retouched at the parlor, I went to Rockwell. I was thinking ... should I eat at Zaifu or make my own? I checked out the menu and 5 pcs. of Ebi Tempura will cost around 250 pesos.... not bad, that is actually quite inexpensive already. But for the same amount .... if I make my own... I will have more!

So... I went to Rustan's supermarket and bought 250 grams (9 pcs.) of medium sized prawns, the large ones are kind of expensive at 830 per kilo. When I got home, I cleaned, deveined and put zigzag slits on the underbelly to elongate and for the prawns not to curl.

The last time I posted the recipe, I used Showa Tempura Batter mix... this time I used a better brand,

Kasugai Tempura Batter Mix

I just added a pinch of baking powder and ice cold water. Rolled the prawns in 1/4 C. of the Kasugai flour then dipped in the batter.

I bought from Zaifu 100 grams of hondashi powder. In a sauce pan, I added 1/2 C. water, 2 T. Kikkoman soysauce, 2 T. Mirin and 1 t. hondashi powder, simmered for a few minutes, then added grated radish and ginger.

I might have spent more than 250 pesos for the 5 pcs. Ebi Tempura in Zaifu but I could keep the other ingredients for other Japanese food I plan to cook next time. Sometimes that is the problem when I have to buy the ingredients and I only need a teaspoon or two.

My fridge is full of all those seasoning and spices and sauces I could hardly put anything anymore. Just take the soysauce for example, I have dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, Kikkoman, Lee Kum Kee premium soysauce, Lee Kum kee regular soy sauce. Now you get an idea? I have different chili sauces too! Maggi Chili sauce, Lee kum Kee Chili sauce, Lee Kum Kee chili garlic sauce, I even have the Thai chili paste from Tita Jit! Then let us not forget the hoisin sauce, char siu sauce, chutney, atsara and about 10 different kinds of jams, marmalade and preserves! Different kinds of pickles and relishes, local ones and imported Dill type pickles. Hahahaha and my mustard collection? I love mustard! Honey mustard, spicy brown mustard, Dijon mustard, local and imported yellow mustard. Oyster sauce - Lee Kum Kee and Thai. I need all of those stuff to cook! . I'm not done yet with my inventory! Bagoong! I have bagoong for Kare-Kare... for green mangoes... raw alamang for cooking... Thai shrimp I have alamang from Bataan.. I even have bagoong for guests! Good thing I don't need to refrigerate my patis! Thai fish sauce, Lorin's special for my use and ordinary patis for the general population of my household.

Whew! That was tiring... typing all my sauces and condiments but it makes a world of difference when you use the right kind and brand when you cook.

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