Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tapa Obsession

I get obsessions and cravings often. I would just think about it day in and day out until I get it out of my system.... well.. the only way to get it out of my system is to indulge myself in my obsession. My recent craving was BEEF TAPA.

The favorite tapa of my family and friends is the one from Poblacion Market, which we also call Bel-Air Market. The name of the stall is Fred and Cora's meatshop. We always get the special tapa because it has fat. The regular has no fat and doesn't taste as good as the special. I also discovered that if I miss their market hours (up to 11 am), I can call their house in Palma St. and pick it up! (Market 895-85-91; Residence 897-4292)

Hermie's tender, juicy tapa with FAT

Mona, bad girl, even taught me how to cook it. She said, I should separate the fat from the meat... then brown it in the remaining cooking oil. I'm going to be doubly bad... cook the garlic fried rice in the oil of the fried tapa!

I can cook a lot things but I don't know how to fry an egg. Some say the heat should be high all the time but others said I should use low heat. So the TAPSILOG I cooked was a little disastrous.

Lia's Nuclear TAPSILOG

Unlike the tapa that Hermie, my helper, cooked. She added a little water to the frying pan before adding cooking oil. According to her and Mona also, it tenderizes the meat. No wonder when I cooked mine it was a bit tough... NUCLEAR!

Some people said the tapa from San Andres market is good. A bit expensive but worth it. I hope to try it soon.

I liked the Beef Tapa from Mrs. Garcia's in Metro Supermarket in Market! Market! It tasted like the dried tapa Cow's label. I will buy again next time.

My tapa obsession is not over yet... there are still several kinds I haven't tried.

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