Friday, June 4, 2010

Jumbo Boneless Bangus at LZM

The first time I heard about LZM was several years ago from Mona. She said that her relatives from abroad bring home boxes and boxes of vacuum sealed Jumbo Bangus from LZM. I was intrigued since then..... it always comes back to my mind that I haven't tried it yet.... then will forget about it ... then remember again.

They have two branches, the first one is located in Silang across Riviera Golf Club. Then, a few years ago they opened another branch in Tagaytay, 2/F of Magallanes Square across Leslie's, Starbucks and Pancake House.

Last night, I've decided, IF (big IF) I wake up early and it wasn't raining, I would go to Tagaytay and eat bangus. I set the alarm to wake me up at 9:00 am. I was so surprised when I got up it was only 7:58 a.m.!!! I immediately looked outside if the sun was shining... and it was!!!! Yay!

Eversince I discovered the bus terminal in MRT Pasay... I told myself I don't have to wait for people to bring me anywhere I want to go!!! As I've mentioned several times before, I can't drive outside Metro Manila. I just parked my car in the Buendia-Jupiter Bel-Air gate, rode the MRT, went down a few flights of stairs and I'm already in the bus terminal. I rode a bus headed to Balayan/Lemery via Tagaytay... BSC Golden Dragon .... one of the newer buses... and upon reaching Tagaytay... the bus stopped in front of the restaurant! It was sooo easy! I researched in the internet how to get there.

I was surprised to see it was full of people! I told the waiter I need a table for one and he set it up for me. I ordered the famous Fried Bangus and 1 cup of rice. I asked also for a bowl of bulalo soup.

The excitement probably could be seen on my face when my Bangus arrived because the people at the next table smiled at me. hahaha That was a bit embarrassing ... I was not embarrassed by the fact that I was eating by myself... the embarrasing part was that people might think I will be able to finish the whole fish all by myself!!! It was really huge! Then they gave me calamansi and sili... which I added to the soy sauce. Even the size of their calamansi was HUGE!!!

I don't know how they fry the fish but it was moist inside and crunchy outside! Usually... when I fry, it turns out so dry and card board like. I don't know how to fry real well ... maybe because I rarely eat fried food at home. I brought home the rest of the fish... I did NOT finish the Jumbo Bangus. I had it again for dinner ... that was when I noticed the fish was marinated in salt, pepper and calamansi.... then dredged with flour before frying.... then topped with browned garlic.

Finally.... I was able to try the famous bangus! My Tagaytay journey was so quick... 2 hours to get there ... 1 hour for lunch and 2 hours to get back to Manila. Not bad for my last summer hurrah before I start working again on Monday when my shop opens for school year 2010 - 2011.


  1. Yum! I can almost taste the bangus in my mouth. I've been to the one in Tagaytay last 2007. NOw, I'm craving some fried bangus. IF only we have some LZM here.

    (This article sums up Lia.... will travel 4 hours RT and will wake up an hour earlier than planned just to get to her cravings. :-) )

    I can see the smile on your face when the bangus arrived on your table.

  2. Hi Miss serial number! hahahaha Come home again and let's eat! hahaha ... yes I don't mind the distance as long as I get to eat good food... remember I went with friends to Candelaria Quezon to eat crispy pata, Mexican food in Angeles, bulalo in Calamba, dimsum and suckling pig in HK, Thai food in Bangkok! I miss you my friend!

  3. I miss you too my friend! Don't forget to add the empanada in Taytay on your list.

    Have you been to Kainan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas Quezon? They have a lot of ihaw ihaw, and I can't forget their pako salad. :-)

    I wish I could bring you some IN & Out burger, cheese roll from Porto's in Glendale, and the best calamari from Rapscallion in Reno.

    For lunch today, I went to the nearest Filipino restaurant, looking for daing na bangus but unfortunately they don't have it so I just had ginataang bamboo shoot & green beans with shrimp & mussel, and some dilis and 1 turon as dessert.

    I miss the food out there. I really appreciate your blog as it brings me closer to home somehow, even though sometimes it leaves me frustrated that I cannot have what you eat there. :-)

    I wish more people comment on your blog so you can get more viewership. :-)