Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Interesting Vegetarian Dinner with Friends

Last week I attended a get together for Dolly at Rainbow's house in Q.C. Dolly, our guest of honor, is a vegetarian and so is my classmate Lei ... so it was an interesting dinner! Rainbow, a professional chef, cooked our dinner! Thank you very much, Rainbow!

My other friends brought veggie meat barbeque which tasted like real pork barbeque! Also, pancit palabok with substitute meat, spinach dip with artichoke .... YUM!!!! ...... bottle of red wine and I brought cream puffs.

Our dinner prepared by Chef Rainbow Frankenburger Hackett:

Artisanal Bread Sticks with dip

Arugula leaves with sliced strawberries, kiwi, candied walnuts, smoked goat's cheese

with Blueberry based dressing

Paella with prawns, crabs, squid, sliced eggs, red and brown rice

Truffle Cream Pasta

My favorite dessert of the night - Coffee Ganache with strawberry confit

Even the cake was vegetarian! Carrot cake (super moist) with cream cheese frosting

Thank you Sarita for letting me grab the pictures from FB! Hahahaha even my camera suffered from over eating. It is sick and it has a "bandage" (scotch tape). I already ordered the part but will arrive 3 weeks from now.

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