Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BFF - Best Friend Forever

Best Friend. Sino ang best friend mo? hahahaha It is a long standing private joke between my friends, my Ate and me. When we attend a party, the question always asked when we get home would be: Was your best friend there? Was it Lydia? Mila? Ping Ping? Elar's?, Leonardo? Hahahahaha We call lechon our best friend.

I had lunch with my Ate and Tita Portia today at EDSA Shangrila. We love the buffet at Shang because they always have lechon. Tita Portia and I were at the Lechon station at exactly 12 noon. We got the parts we wanted. I am afraid of my cholesterol count so I only got the skin and a little meat.

Tita Portia was so fearless, for her, the skin has to have the pre-requisite visible layer of FAT! My Ate scraped the fat from the skin hahahaha perhaps she thought it won't make her cholesterol count higher. My Tita even told us to eat it quickly ...hahahaha a hysterical manner. Then we asked, WHY?!?!?!?! Because the fat was already congealing fast. Like when we were little and had to eat the marrow of the bulalo, we had to eat it quickly because the marrow will turn into "sebo" in a few seconds.

Ahhhh.... after we each had a plateful of lechon skin ... we were able to relax. No more panic. We just looked like 3 women of leisure having lunch. So I just had a small portion of the food I liked in the buffet.

Tuna Sashimi, sushi and white fish sashimi.

A few pieces of shrimp tempura and fried wanton( I'm still not done with my lumpiang shanghai obssession.)

Shrimp cocktail, curracha, dimsum and soup.

Fiber - hahaha probably just half a lettuce leaf with ceasar salad dressing and fixings.

Roti and Papadum with dips. I liked the Black dahl Makhani with the Indian bread, I even went for seconds.

Fresh fruits - I almost screamed after tasting the yellow mango! It was so tart!!!!!!!! But when you look at it, one would think the mango was sweet and delicious. This is where the term, looks can be deceiving, should be applied.

My favorite desserts - nuts, cheese, grapes and dried figs. I'm not allowed pastries, I cheated and tasted the sans rival, pavlova and canonigo without the custard sauce.

It was nice to meet my old best friend after several weeks. Such a pity though ... I can't have too much of my BFF!!!

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