Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bataan Food and Journey

I was invited by Mayette... hahaha I meant, I invited myself... no... really ... I have a standing invitation to visit her whenever she is in Balanga, Bataan. I've decided last weekend to go! School will start in June 7, which means I have to open my store and work already!

My journey started when I rode the Genesis Bus to Balanga. I don't drive outside Metro Manila because I don't know how to overtake on a 2 way road... I can't even overtake a tricycle. It might take me forever to reach my destination! The trip took 3 hours.

When I got to the Genesis bus terminal, Jon, the husband of Mayette picked me up and we went to their farm, which was about 10 minutes from the city proper. Mayette was already busy preparing our dinner... hehehe she already sliced the tomatoes and cucumber...squeezed mayo and ketchup in condiment cups.... laid out the sliced cheese.

We grilled sirloin burgers from the US

and assembled our own sandwiches.

She even let me try the pancit from Cupang, a town in Bataan, wrapped in Banana leaves.

It was like Palabok with 1/2 boiled egg and chicharon chunks.

After dinner, we went night swimming in the pool feb by water from a natural spring. NO chlorine! Water so fresh and clean and pool was just filled that day for us!

Guess what time did I wake up the next day???? I woke up at 6:00 a.m.!!! I even texted Mona that I couldn't believe that by 8:30 a.m., I already had my breakfast and took a shower. We left early for the beach... decided to go to Morong first. We checked out a few resorts but ended in Coral View Beach Resort. I saw an episode of Quick Fire (QTV) where they shot their show in that resort.

My friends are on a diet... they are drinking herbal life food supplement shake 2x a day... Jon eats his full meal at lunch time and Mayette eats at dinner. I asked them when will the diet end? Told them... I WANT MY FRIENDS BACK!!! hahahaha

Jon and I just shared an order of sinigang na hipon

and grilled liempo.

I'm a little bit guilty because they ate more than they should because of me. I even brought junk food... Doritos, Sour Cream and Cheddar potato chips, clover, cheese curls, Piknik(which I ate in the bus), flat tops, mallows and crunchies. I think even a well disciplined dieter would break.

The most exciting part of my weekend journey was when we went to the private cove in Bagac. I fell in love with the place immediately! It looked like Boracay, albeit the sand was not white, when it was perhaps not yet populated by the numerous resorts in White beach.

You could see Pine trees

and the place was almost deserted... private.. uninhabited... probably like the island in the Survivor shows.

The reason why we were there in the evening was to wait for the fishermen to catch a few bounty from the sea for us. They swam in the ocean with only an improvised waterproof flashlight and speargun to catch the fish! Some of the locals stayed behind to be with us... built a bonfire.

Mayette and I spread the tablecloth we used the night before on the sand. She was busy playing with her IPAD and I was just gazing at the stars, enjoying myself... only sounds I could hear were the ocean waves, popping from the bonfire and the soft murmur of the men. The air was cool and not hot and sticky.

Jon and Kiel, Mayette's 13 year old nephew, went back to the pick up truck to get bread because they were hungry already... that was about 8:00 pm and our last meal was at 11:30 a.m. It was a 2-3 km walk going back, we even had to cross a "small" river.

I was about to fall asleep when I felt the rain drops! Yikes! Then it really started to rain very hard, Mayette was on the phone talking to Jon and we were starting our way back to the truck. I couldn't walk very fast because I had to be very careful I don't step on anything sharp. I could hear her on the phone quite hysterical, she was about several meters away from me. Our clothes were drenched.

And then.... Ohhhhhhh how sweet and romantic! Our savior was on his way! Our knight in shining armour! We saw headlights heading towards us! Speeding actually ... only thing missing was the blinking lights of an emergency vehicle... then it was on the beach.. still going at a very fast speed. (Thank you, Lord for 4 x 4 vehicles!) When Mayette's husband reached us... he went down the truck and asked:

Jon: What was the emergency?!?!?!?!?!

(hahahahahahaha sorry I can't help myself but this is the punch line...)

Mayette: My IPAD was getting wet!!!!

Jon: From the sound of your voice on the telephone, I thought you were drowning already!!!!

I therefore conclude that Jon loves Mayette very much.

But you know what? We didn't even have to get wet. Because the first time Mayette called her husband, he already told her to go to the shed behind the bonfire.... but we are women! Do we listen to men???? Of course, not!

At the end.... it was all worth it! The fishermen caught fresh fish...
not much though but enough for us to enjoy them. They skewered the live fish using a 3 ft. bamboo stick and grilled them over the bonfire.
I know it sounds cruel, the fish was still twitching but oh... my... goodness!!! The grilled fish was so white and moist and tasty!
No need to put salt before grilling. I could live on freshly caught fish and veggies everyday.... ok... I really don't mean it hahahaha I need my pork, beef and chicken.

Speaking of chicken.... on our way back to the rest house we bought Saroy's Lechon Manok and hot pan de sal! We had a late dinner and enjoyed the remaining grilled fish. Was not able to take a picture of the chicken because we were so hungry! But the lechon manok was really delicious! Juicy and not bloody at all!!!

The next day, we woke up late and had lunch at Wanam. It is an old fashioned Chinese restaurant, the favorite of my hosts. We ordered Nido Soup, Pancit Bihon, Fried Chicken, Fried Rice, Lumpiang Shanghai
and the piece de resistance was the
It didn't taste greasy at all! So light... and crunchy!!! And so HIGH in cholesterol! Hahaha.

Mayette visited a family friend and we were all served Halo-Halo!!! Ahhhh I was so full! Then we went to the market to buy dried fish... I bought Capac Tinapa, Tuyo, red eggs and fresh alamang. I wanted to buy the boiled yellow corn, not the Japanese variety but real native sweet corn, but really... it was a sin to even think about it.

Ummmm my day was not yet over... Ohhh... I meant I haven't finished eating yet for the day. We stopped by at Susie's in San Fernando ... we had Pancit Palabok, siomai and empanada. My camera battery ran out of juice last night so no more pictures.

On the way home, I already told them my dinner was going to be

Capac Tinapa

Garlic rice

salted eggs with tomatoes

and thick hot chocolate!

I had a memorable weekend. When I thought it couldn't get better anymore... it did! Good food ... great beach and wonderful friends!

Thank you Mayette and Jon for the joy you have given me! (hehehe and for the extra pounds too!!!)


  1. Great post! I enjoyed reading this article. It takes me right there with you. OMG! Nakakainggit! Tell Mayette, I will also invite myself there when I go back. :-)

    I love the dinner you had at home. Basic food at its best. Of course, nothing beats the freshly caught fish that's been grilled on a bonfire. Really, I envy your experience.

    ("iuwi niyo ko sa PIlipinas!")