Monday, June 7, 2010

Army Navy Freedom Fries

My favorite french fries are from Army Navy Burger + Burrito restaurant. It is a fast food joint at the 2/F of Glorietta 5 plus with other branches too. I already tried their burger and steak sandwiches but it was a bit bland for me because I like my food on the salty side. I will just have to remind them to season the burger patty or steak next time.

Back to the Freedom Fries... I love it! They are like twister fries but spicier and they are thin, long sticks! I don't even need ketchup because they are well seasoned already.

Today was Sophie's outing with Tita Lia. I let her try the fries and she ordered cheese quesadillas at Army Navy.
We only shared because the two of us are on a "diet"! Hehehe but we still ate at Wendy's after... again we shared an order of the chicken and spaghetti meal.... at least... in my way of thinking... that was still better than eating a whole portion.

It is already an improvement on our dining lifestyle. I know... we still have to learn to eat healthy food. I don't indulge often in the burger/fries type of fastfood joint because I know it will put a big dent on my efforts to lose weight. It is a struggle .. there are days when I win ... and there are more days when I lose.


  1. I absolutely love their fries! I'm not much of a burger person.