Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Viral Burrito Craving

When I woke up today, I logged on to FB to check what was happening to my friends around the world. There was an entry by my HS classmate, Lei and she was asking if she should eat pasta or burrito. Then I suddenly had a craving for BURRITO!!! Hahahaha .... I never realized that a food craving can be viral! I surfed the net, there were several restaurants serving burritos but the nearest for me was Mexicali in The Link Building beside Makati Shangrila Hotel. I ordered Carne Asada and Chili con Carne.
Carne Asada

Chili con Carne

Before I left the house, I called Gelatone in Greenbelt to ask if they have BLACK CHERRY ice cream. It's my most favorite flavor in the entire world! They don't always have it so I always call to check.

Promise! It was really sooooooooo good! I couldn't care less if it was dripping on my hand while I was walking and I had to lick it all over! I'm normally embarrassed to eat ice cone in public because of its suggestive nature! Hahahaha Several years ago, my crazy and silly male friends were videotaping us girls while eating ice cream in cone in my house. Then after a few minutes we all watched the video and were LOL. The guys were "grading" the way the girls were eating ice cream. So, ever since then, I never eat ice cream in cone in public... but today.... was an exception. Just look at the picture and tell me if it wasn't worth licking!

Black Cherry

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