Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seafood Shabu Shabu at home

Last night, my Ate texted me to tune in to Channel 24, Tara! Let's Eat!, because the show's theme was Binondo popular food places. I have eaten in most of the restaurants they featured. I used to go around Chinatown and discover little dining places or read blogs and check out the hole in the wall restos.

Tonypet, the host, ordered Seafood Hot Pot from Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant. It really looked so delicious! I even told my Ate and friends that when I wake up I would go to Chinatown. But I didn't because it was too hot already and as usual, too late to go.

I almost ate in Tong Yang Jupiter because I was really craving for Seafood Shabu Shabu but then I remembered, Wednesday was Baclaran day... Fresh seafood galore.... can make my own Seafood Hotpot. I was able to buy 1 live alimango, small prawns, clams, spinach and Taiwan pechay. I just added from the feezer kani sticks, meatballs and mushroom meat balls.

I used Lee Kum Kee Soup Base for Seafood Hotpot. I added 5 cups of water insted of 6 because I like my soup a bit salty.

I have a small pot and I only use it for cooking shabu shabu and an electric burner which I put on my dining table.

The crab was so sweet! Why? It was still alive and breathing when I dropped it in the boiling soup stock! And to think I already opened it and cleaned the gray spongy stuff inside. I felt no remorse.

My dipping sauce was Kikkoman soysauce and barbecue sauce. Chopped garlic, pepper and spring oinions can be added.

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