Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Midnight Snack

My midnight snack! I was chatting with my friend Lisa on YM and we were talking about food! Kare - Kare, palitaw, baby back ribs, pandesal with cheez whiz then I told her... Lisa! What will I do? I'm hungry! Then she said... Lia, then eat! Ohhhh I just got the go signal to indulge myself in a light midnight snack. Just to keep the wolves errrr I mean the hunger pangs at bay.

I raided my fridge and pantry and got all the stuff I needed to assemble my snack.

Smucker's Concord Grape Jelly
Elle & Vire Cream Cheese
Golden Churn Butter
Mountain Fresh Guava Jelly
Peter Pan Peanut Butter
555 Spanish Style Sardines

The best combination for me was cream cheese with Spanish sardines! Really so Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! I couldn't stop eating! hahahaha Well that was bad of me. Next best was the peanut butter with grape jelly. Surprisingly, the skyflakes with butter and guava jelly was also good. I didn't like the plain topped crackers - butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, jelly.

I remember a funny story ... one time Mona and I were having merienda, I brought out the things I needed to assemble a "canape".

Fita Crackers
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Hormel Deviled Ham
Smucker's Concord Grape Jelly

Spread the crackers with cream cheese, then a layer of deviled ham and dot with grape jelly.

Back to the funny story .... my niece, Sophie joined us... and she also wanted to try my concoction. I told her that the ham was made by the devil!!! Hahahhahaha and she believed me! She read the word DEVIL from the can and left us. I'm such a bad Tita!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

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