Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kimpura - Trinoma

I had a good lunch today at Kimpura Restaurant in Trinoma. Tita Portia invited me! MMMmmmmmmmmMMMMMmmm!!!!

Hahahaha That was me saying: YUM!

As usual, one can't eat at a Japanese resto without ordering Tempura! I miss the place along Pasay Road with the eat all you can tempura. I can't remember the name but it was across Quad carpark when it wasn't Park Square 1 yet! The prawns tempura were served in Japanese bamboo baskets and always 6 pieces/serving. My family and I used to consume 5-6 baskets each!!!! I think the most number of Tempura I have eaten in my entire life was 42 pieces! And those were not little shrimps, they were prawns!

We sat at the misono grill and ordered....

Beans sprouts and Lobster tail Teppanyaki

All time favorite Oysters Teppanyaki

Japanese Fried Rice

Free appetizers - dilis with pickled radish and cabbage

After lunch, we had to clean our palate because we could still taste the Japanese food. At Cocktales, we ordered.... Breeze something ... Sorry, I can't remember the name but the base was milky mango shake with assorted tapioca, gulaman jelly and fresh fruits.

I want to make my own version for my store... will have to experiment. Will use crushed ice then will pour mango/milk puree and top with fresh ripe mangoes, colored gulaman and pearl sago. I really need volunteers to taste test my new products.

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