Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What went wrong?

What went wrong? I can never get the Filipino Beef steak right. And it's one of my favorite comfort food. I have been trying for years and the result is always a disaster. The only time it tasted good was when Mona cooked it for me in my house.

I followed what she did. I researched a lot of recipe books and websites... I even called the helper of my sister to teach me. But as you can see... it doesn't look appetizing and it is too salty.

First thing I did was pound the meat with a mallet. I must have pounded the juice out if it because even if the meat was tender, it was dry as a cardboard. I went all the way to Market Market to buy meat from Mrs. Garcia's in Metro supermarket.

Then I marinated 1/4 K. Beef sirloin with 1 T. calamansi, 2 T. soysauce, 1/4 t. black pepper for 30 minutes.

Before frying the beef in 2 T. oil, I squeezed the meat and reserved the marinade. Maybe another reason why the beef was too dry.

When there was no more liquid from the meat in the pan, just the oil, I set aside the meat and sauted the onion rings. I
added the marinade , 1 T. soysauce and 1/2 water, then put back the meat to simmer slowly for 15 minutes.

My Filipino beef steak did not turn out the way I wanted. ..... So..... what went wrong?


  1. I think your marinade was too little...maybe you should have used 1/4c soy sauce & 5 pcs. calamansi. Don't squeeze out the meat. =)

  2. Lia, this is one of my favorite dishes, too and unfortunately, I'm not able to cook it the way I would want it to taste either. When you succeed, please let me know.