Saturday, April 17, 2010

Salcedo Market Bacolod Lumpiang Ubod

I couldn't sleep last night because I wanted to wake up already to go to Salcedo Weekend Market in Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village, Makati. I had this very bad craving for Bacolod Lumpiang ubod. It has light colored egg wrapper with whitish garlicky sauce inside. I prayed to God to help me sleep already because I was really so excited. I even set my alarm at 9:30 am.

Then.... 9:21 am I was awake already! Yay! Hahahaha but it normally takes me an hour to get up from bed. So, by the time I got to Salcedo it was almost 11:00 am. My first stop was the Bacolod stall - beside Tita Ope's (she serves very good food also). I could already taste the lumpia in my mind! I had this silly grin on my face. When I got there, someone bought the last box! ARRRGGGGGHHH She was paying already and I had to beg... please.. please.. please... can I buy 1 lumpia from you?!?!?!? Thank you Lord, she said, Yes! She even told me I can get more but I didn't want to impose. Pity me!!! But I was still grateful for that 1 piece.


As soon as I got to my car, I ate it! YUUUUUMMM... Let it be a lesson to me, I have to wake up earlier next time so I can buy more. I can finish 6 pieces in one sitting. Ok... I'm going to be honest, I ate the lumpia in the car so I didn't have to share when I get home.

Love at first bite!


  1. Yummy! I wan to taste Bacolod Lumpiang Ubod when I go to salcedo market next week.


    1. Hi! I really love the Lumpiang Ubod at Salcedo Market.

  2. May I ask if how much is that Lumpiang Ubod at
    Salcedo Market:)