Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ladies Lunch

Almost every month, I go out with my Mom's friends and we call it , Ladies Lunch. They actucally adopted me as their friend in place of my Mom and also Tita Portia. We check out restaurants we haven't tried before or go to a place someone has recently discovered. There were times I browsed the net and recommended a few restos.

Today, we went to Brasserie Boheme in Leviste St. We usually choose a quiet place where we could "bond" with each other and share stories. So it is important the place should be cozy and quiet. The last time we had lunch, the restaurant wasn't really that nice because there was a problem with their "acoustics" (?) and the sound of voices would bounce back, gave us all a headache.

I ordered a simple lunch ... very, very simple because actually it was my "breakfast". I ordered grape shake with artificial sweetener and the pate with crusty rolls... it was actually just 2 slices of whole wheat baguette. I liked the pate, it even has ... if I'm not mistaken ... cranberry sauce on top on a bed of shredded lettuce.

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