Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chinatown Merienda

Today is Holy Saturday and I have the city all to myself! I had a pleasant afternoon drive to Binondo in Chinatown. My first time! I normally ride the LRT or other modes of transportation when I go to Manila. It is a nightmare to drive there during regular days.

I invited my family to join me for a ride, only Tita Portia was brave enough to ride in my car. Hahaha I'm not a good driver so it is an IFFY situation. My Kuya did not allow my niece Sophie to go with me to Binondo.

I was able to find a parking lot in a street perpendicular to Ongpin where The President's restaurant is located.

I ordered my favorite Sizzling Noodles with crystal shrimps and pork. I could finish 1 platter by myself. I ordered their pork siomai but I didn't like it. They get their dimsum from a sister company (I think?) called Wah Ying in Benavidez St. because I used to see towers of those bamboo steamers being transferred from the dimsum place to The President's. I used to eat in Wah Ying with my friends but I don't think I like the quality of their food anymore.

My Tita ordered the minced crispy fried pigeon, I'm not a fan of pigeon so I just tasted a little. I'm a huge fan of suckling pig. That "craving" is for another day!

After eating merienda, we went fruit shopping around the area. I've always wanted to buy the fruits whenever I would eat in Chinatown but couldn't because it would be so heavy, I can't carry heavy stuff because of a wrist problem, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Since my car was parked very near, I was able to buy.

The next stop was Masuki, Benavidez st., to buy the pork siomai! I bought 4 pieces for take out. I can NOT eat at their restaurant but can eat the siomai at home! This is the all meat kind of siomai I used to eat in college (Assumption)with the sweet brown sauce.

There were times that I just walked around Chinatown to eat and buy ingredients from the little groceries around the area.

I could say it was a delicious afternoon!

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